White label cryptocurrency exchange

Why should you build a white label cryptocurrency exchange?

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The idea of white label cryptocurrency exchange has reinforced the crypto market with its benefits like high efficiency and smooth operation. In addition, accelerated deployment of white label cryptocurrency exchange enables people to enter the crypto market quickly and benefit from favorable market conditions.

What is White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange?

White label crypto exchange software is a market-ready platform with core back-end and database functionality already built. The interface can be customized as per business requirements — it can be seamlessly given a unique identity, such as incorporating business logo and color theme.

The volatile cryptocurrency market is encouraging businesses to opt for white label solutions to expedite time-to-market for their crypto exchange platforms and start earning profits, especially when the market is bullish.

Benefits of White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange

Save Time and Money

White label software has ready-made modules which eliminate the need to rebuild the wheel, accelerate deployment and reduce the development cost. Businesses can save the valuable time and money that would otherwise be spent on time-consuming and expensive development process.

Furthermore, white label exchange platforms have already undergone performance and quality tests in different phases of their development. Businesses need not have technical resources to review and oversee white label cryptocurrency exchange software — it is already pre-tested and adaptive to change and customization.

Easy to Customize

The simplicity and modular architecture of white label cryptocurrency exchange platform facilitate interface-related changes without any interference with technical infrastructure.

The exchange can be easily re-branded, which includes changing brand logos, user interface and design layout, to complement it with brand image of a business and for more efficient marketing process.

Quick to Deploy

As mentioned earlier, the core of white label crypto exchange is market-ready, which means businesses need not build anything from ground zero. Simply deploy, install and configure the exchange in a new environment.

A Reliable Solution

The earlier copies of white label crypto exchange platforms delivered to businesses help the development company to acquire feedback on performance and usability of the exchange. This means that you get a stable set of functions and features.

No Technical Expertise Required

The already-developed modules of white label crypto exchange software eliminate the need for businesses to have technical expertise or experience to supervise and steer the development process.

With all the benefits aforementioned, white label crypto exchange platforms are gaining huge adoption among businesses worldwide. However, there are a few things that need to be considered before embarking on white label crypto exchange development venture.

What are the Things to be considered while Building White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange?

  • Jurisdiction under which the exchange will be registered: different countries have different rules related to crypto market. The location determines the regulations and corporate tax structures applicable to the exchange.
  • Relevant regulatory requirements: an in-depth research on regulatory requirements is essential for a business. Crucial things to consider include KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) regulations and required permits to operate an exchange under a jurisdiction.
  • Type of exchange: cryptocurrency exchanges are of different types — centralized, decentralized, P2P and hybrid. Read our blog to learn more about these exchange types.

Choose the type of exchange that you want to build for your business, and determine if you need a fiat-to-crypto exchange or crypto-to-crypto exchange. For fiat-to-crypto exchange, you will have to partner with a payment processor.

  • Number of coins/tokens to be integrated: it is important to identify the number of coins and tokens that you want to integrate in your exchange. Integration of popular coins or tokens means more number of users and bigger profits.
  • Security features: security is one of the biggest concerns of crypto traders, thus provide your users with a highly-secure trading environment. Reinforce your crypto exchange with the best security features.

Launch your Cryptocurrency Exchange in 3 weeks

Antier Solutions helps you to disrupt the cryptocurrency market with your own feature-rich crypto exchange in just 3 weeks. We offer highly-secure, functional and intuitive white label crypto exchange software that not only delivers world-class performance but also helps businesses gain essential competitive edge.

Our white label crypto exchange platform is underpinned by industry-leading features like multi-layer security, powerful trading engine, multi-cryptocurrency and multi-language support, high liquidity options, modular architecture and self-explanatory interface. Our solutions are geared toward businesses and individuals who want to launch their exchange quickly and within budget.



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