Crypto Wallet Private Keys and Mnemonic Seed Phrases: Why are they Important?

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4 min readNov 4, 2019


When it comes to a cryptocurrency wallet, security remains a primary concern. People seek a wallet fortified with the best security features that make the wallet less vulnerable to any type of hacks.

The companies offering cryptocurrency wallet development services reinforce the security paradigm of wallets by integrating the right security features along with the indispensable private keys and mnemonic seed phrases.

Both private keys and mnemonic seed phrases are meant to enhance the security of a cryptocurrency wallet and assist in its recovery when necessary. Let us delve deep into it and wrap our heads around the importance of private keys and mnemonic seed phrases.

What is the private key?

A private key is a tool that helps users in fund management. To be precise, a private key is a cryptographic form allowing users to gain access to their wallets. Every cryptocurrency deposited into the wallet relies on the private key.

So, how does a private key look like? It is a series of symbols comprising letters and numbers. This arrangement of alphabets and numeric prevents the private key from getting hacked easily.

What is a private key used for and why is it important?

A private key is used for making irreversible transactions. It is used for sending and spending cryptocurrencies to anyone and anywhere. The irreversibility of transactions is ensured by mathematical signatures linked to each transaction whenever the private key is used to send cryptocurrencies.

These signatures are unique for each transaction even though they are generated from the same private key. This feature prevents the signatures from being copied and you can confidently use the same private key over and over again.

Thus, every time you need to spend or send cryptocurrency from your wallet, you need a private key. You certainly cannot access your crypto assets without a private key. This is why the safety of the private key is paramount. Keep your wallet’s key safe with yourself — do not share it with anyone or store it online as it might get stolen and you might lose your crypto assets forever.

Now that we have understood the function and importance of a private key, let us shift towards the mnemonic seed phrase.

What is a mnemonic seed phrase?

The mnemonic seed phrase is a 12, 18 or 24-word phrase that is directly connected to private keys. Most companies offering cryptocurrency wallet development services leverage mnemonic phrases to enhance the security of wallets. Mnemonics can be thought of as an alternate password or decryption key in the event of loss of private keys. It is a memory recall trick leveraged to remember difficult subjects, items, information or numbers.

Here is an example of a 12-word mnemonic phrase:

“round blade service action buzz unlock ladder knee promote proud dutch object”.

It comprises exactly twelve characters and the sequence of words plays a crucial role in this case. Every word in the phrase is tied to a number, which means that the phrase can be converted into a sequence of numbers which in turn generates a private key for the wallet.

Why do you need a mnemonic seed phrase?

The mnemonic phrase is essential to acquire accessibility to a wallet and the data stored in it when the wallet is installed on a new device. This may happen if the first device on which the wallet was installed has been lost or if you forget the password to your previous wallet.

You simply need to type the mnemonic phrase on the new device and the old wallet can be recovered easily. However, it offers both a useful backup to your storage and potential risk of giving complete access to your crypto assets if anybody gets access to your seed phrase. This is why it is extremely essential to be careful of how and where you store your recovery seed since it is the only backup for a non-custodial wallet.

Wrapping it all up

The security of private keys and mnemonic phrases is important for the safety of your crypto wallets and funds stored in them. While private keys allow you to send and spend your crypto assets, mnemonic phrases help in the seamless recovery of wallet. To augment their security, it is recommended that you store your private keys and mnemonic phrases offline.

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