What Does it Take to Launch Your White Label Exchange Software

The popularity and massive adoption of cryptocurrency has escalated the market to the newer heights. The world now positively perceives the rapid growth of cryptocurrency. The new market is revolutionizing towards the trading market of cryptocurrency.

In this article we will be sketching various areas which should be considered for launching of your own white label crypto software. Stay tuned and walk with us on the roadmap to further accelerate your deployment speed. Further there are various domains which need specific attention. Let’s get started one by one.

For a successful launch of your crypto exchange, you need to assemble a dedicated team of experts who are well equipped and skilled with the latest technology. The diversity of the team is what will make the team efficient.

Titles to consider;

  • Legal Officer: A chief legal officer is required who will take all the necessary processes that will align with the legal jurisdictions. The necessary licensing and other documents are generally assigned to them.
  • Chief Compliance Officer: Compliance officer converge with all the regulatory formalities such as of KYC, AML and other requirements to maintain banking relationships.
  • Head of Customer Acquisition: The need to acquire and maintain the loyalty of customers is the highlights which need to be considered by the officer.
  • Head of Customer Support: From time to time customers need regular support. For providing the support a customer support officer is mandatory.
  • Multiple Administrators: There are also various other departments such as technical, development, marketing which needs consistent administration.

The jurisdiction of your operations will have a huge impact on the regulatory framework. The regulatory requirements will defer as you will change your place of jurisdiction. The licensing, regulations, laws, enforcement structure will change as you change your operating jurisdiction. A good legal structure is always a value addition in the development of white label crypto software. You will also be able to minimize liability and profoundly structure your business through a detailed legal guidance.

Things to consider;

  • Jurisdiction in which you are operating
  • Aligning with the regulatory requirements of KYC
  • Orienting with a KYC provider and completing a due diligence
  • Attaining the higher levels of KYC. Outline the various levels of verifications that you need to configure. For example, daily or monthly deposit, withdrawal and trading limits and others.
  • Familiarity with the regulations of the jurisdiction
  • Assigning the budget for the setup of dedicated team

The methodical and well structured exchanges have also establishments with the banks and other channel partners. There are various considerations through which you secure your relationships. For this you may also need to get licensing.

Things to consider;

  • For processing with the national currency trading pairs, there is a need to configure with the custodian or treasury account to process the deposits or withdrawals of the customers.
  • Opening up of a bank account for your customer’s deposits
  • Planning of procedure of how to handle the deposit and withdrawal tickets
  • Maintaining relationships with the payment providers
  • Maintaining of effective communication with your clients

There are two viable options to develop your crypto exchange. One is developing from scratch and another is pursuing it with a white label solution. Proceedings with the white label solution of a crypto exchange will facilitate you in time saving, cost and other resources on developing an exchange. The white label exchange software of Antier Solutions is fully equipped with the advanced market leading features and with the transacting speed of as high as 100,000 TPS.

Things to consider;

  • Determine the features of product and guidelines for trading
  • Integration of cold storage wallet with the exchange for managing the wealth
  • Regulation of fee structure
  • If desired, optimize the website for mobile. It can be aligned with Apple or Android application or both
  • Once the exchange is launched, you may wish to have limited changes. So we recommend connecting with the Antier Solutions white label crypto software, which provides the room for customization according to the specific requirement.
  • Ensure a point of contact in your organization to take the lead
  • Ensure to the white label solution provider, whether you have a clear vision or you need assistance
  • Secure a list of specific features that you wish to integrate from the front end

Maintaining and generating liquidity is the top concern for any crypto exchange. Instant liquidity is ensured by integrating it with the top leading exchanges.

Things to consider;

  • Ensuring with which exchange you will open an account
  • Ensuring KYC with that exchange
  • Maintain the funding of that exchange
  • Setup strategies and maintaining of credential with your partners

You should be prepared with a blueprint of the overall marketing criteria prior to the time your exchange goes live. It is very crucial part and there has to be a separate budget which is allocated to this track.

Things to consider;

  • Design a website in accordance to your brand identity
  • Develop your presence through paid per click campaigns
  • Circulate media or press releases to crypto channels and others
  • Develop a framework for lead acquisitions in a database
  • Manage blog content for SEO activities
  • Schedule and attend conferences to increase your brand visibility
  • Focus on assembling necessary personnel in each team

Antier solutions is leading the way in blockchain technology to furnish safe, secure and stable white label crypto software solutions. Antier solution has fully developed customizable white label cryptocurrency exchange software which has a powerful trading engine, multi-layer security, high TPS (transactions per second) liquidity and many others

Antier has already successfully executed more than 25 crypto exchange platforms worldwide and well equipped to provide customized white label crypto exchange software in just three weeks. Be the part of Antier ecosystem and tap into the multibillion dollar crypto market.

View a demo on white label crypto software or talk to experts to share your requirements or queries.



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