Understanding Top Use Cases of Metaverse

Metaverses are persistently leveraging cutting-edge technologies and in doing so, they are reinventing themselves as highly immersive, scalable, and interconnected virtual economies where players can work, socially interact, transact, play, create digital content and can even earn.

Powered by mirror world technology and advanced virtualization technologies (AR, VR, Haptic Sensors, etc.), these platforms are offering unprecedented levels of immersion and engagement where players find themselves interacting live with a world that is always there.

Important factors are still that there is a definition for a digital identity, digital ownership, digital currencies and the universal transferability of digital assets — Thus enabling a fully functioning economy in a virtual world.

However, metaverse is more than just a medium to engage remotely or play games. Experts believe that we are moving towards one big virtual world that comprises multiple metaverses integrated into each other. This also includes an exclusive persona and identity for every individual.

This way, a metaverse could totally revolutionize the way different sectors operate. For example, tourism, sales, concerts/events, etc will all work in the virtual world.

Some Popular Examples of Metaverse

There is no example of a big metaverse at the moment. Different companies, especially game studios, are claiming that they created a metaverse.

  • Meta Horizon Worlds — Facebook has released a virtual meeting room environment that can be accessible through the company’s Oculus VR headsets and Horizon Worlds. It allows you to engage with peers in virtual meeting rooms using your own avatar, but it should also serve as the foundation for future Oculus and Meta products.
  • Microsoft Mesh Platform — The company is also pursuing mixed and augmented reality (XR). As a result, they plan to introduce mixed-reality components to Teams in 2022. This should enable avatars and holograms to be used at events, meetings, and possibly retail experiences and games in the future.
  • Minecraft — Over 140 million people play the Lego-like game world Minecraft on a regular basis. The company was purchased from Microsoft, and it allows gamers to design their own persona, as well as create endless virtual worlds on their own, complete with digital assets and other features.
  • Second Life — Second Life was one of the earliest virtual realities to allow players to build their own identity in a virtual world, having launched in 2003. Second Life is now expanding with its own marketplaces, digital assets, and more after many years of development.

Social Networking

The brains behind the new Metaverse platforms have realized that technology can be used for much more than just helping people connect via social media. Metaverse will introduce a three-dimensional space that won’t be limited to watching people interact with voices on mobiles and computers.

A Metaverse-based platform gives a more immersive experience as it entices a feeling of presence among social media users. This is because combining augmented and virtual reality provides a more realistic digital experience to users which is much beyond what social media has to offer currently.

There is no doubt that social media has grown tremendously over the last few years. It has expanded from simple social-media texting to sharing stories and now we are beginning to see the virtual world of Metaverse. The content now is more graphic oriented and users get the opportunity to create content themselves as they are present virtually in this universe.

Virtual Tourism

Another promising use case of the Metaverse is going to be virtual tourism. Thanks to emerging technologies people can now visit and experience travelling without having to actually visit the destinations themselves. This brings about the biggest difference in the first-person point of view.

Hopes for the future are that the Metaverse augmented reality and VR could join hands to create a highly immersive digital environment featuring realistic content and can perfectly elevate the imagination of the users. This is why they can experience things and places in real-time personally.

VR tourism is definitely flourishing as a Metaverse use case as it has proven to have potential for mainstream recognition and adoption. Video streaming platforms like YouTube are now focusing on providing 360o video content. However, there is one setback with the use of Metaverse for virtual tourism that is related to total freedom. Although users can visit a new location from the comfort of their home, they yet don’t have the freedom to move around a place and see a real atmosphere as you are only viewing content that has been recorded previously.

Web Real-time Communication

Metaverse blockchain use cases describe the potential that Metaverse can influence by facilitating real-time communication for web-based experiences. This is an open-source that embibes real-time communication capabilities to both mobile apps and web browsers as well. This is quite a promising use-case of the Metaverse and presents an unconventional approach for both audio and visual communication.

With a Metaverse app, there isn’t any need for intermediary servers to transfer communication between clients. P2P communication in the Metaverse can open up a lot of possibilities that will allow direct communication between browsers. These use cases of Metaverse will lay a strong foundation that can eventually be used to set new standards of web communication. This will also tremendously help with launching more media streams that are inherently required for developing a virtual world.

Metaverse Development With Antier

As a society, we have to address many concerns pertaining to social interactions, digital money, the impact of virtual worlds, and all of these are tied together by the web 3.0 thread. With Metaverse development, Antier has taken the leap to the future of the internet. Reach us to know more.



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