You steal the limelight and you steal the market share. Against the industry predictions earlier last year, DeFi grew like gangbusters and reignited the lost glory of crypto finance. Today, the market has propelled by 20x which in itself is a rare milestone. Trade experts who had written off the possibility of a parallel currency are now foreseeing 2021 as another landmark year.

Trends #1

The rise of Proof-of-Staking (PoS) as a consensus mechanism

  • Networks susceptible to the miner centralization
  • Networks suffer from severe scalability issues

Trend #2

Rise of Sharding


Greater opportunities for investors

Decentralization of finance is happening right now!

With these trends, DeFi platform development is edging closer to bring more traditional financial tools to the blockchain. Schedule a live Demo with our experts to understand the potential better.

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