Cardano Roadmap

The Eras of Cardano Roadmap. Explained.

Established in 2015, the Cardano blockchain is addressing three challenges faced by other layer-1 blockchain networks. These are scalability, interoperability, and sustainability. In its mission, it is following a modular blockchain development approach demarcated into 5 phases, or as they like to call them, ‘eras’. Among many, the project will include Cardano DeFi Development, smart contract development, and a full range of other services.

Let us understand in detail.

1) Byron Era

What’s Next?

Ideally, Cardano is setting the benchmark for the DeFi markets. Despite the roaring run of Bitcoin and Ethereum, Cardano is expected to supersede both and lead DeFi development. While we are at it, Antier has already rolled out its signature Cardano DeFi services.

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