Reasons to Launch a Crypto-Friendly Banking Platform

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3 min readNov 20, 2020


The digital transformation and the change in business models seem to spread all across the globe. The financial sector is an ideal example of this — well observed with the increased traction and adoption of decentralized banking solutions.

The idea of building a crypto friendly banking platform can not only be transformed into a reality, but it also reflects the evolution of the banking systems. It is possible that in the future, the confidence invested in Governments or individuals will be invested in numbers and technology. The information shows that the economy moves rapidly towards a more decentralized and more secure system, but how far is the world willing to go?

Innovation and risk-taking can cause some vagueness, but it is important to know that the first step to grow is to deal with them.

What does Decentralized Crypto Banking Provide?

Interestingly, the terms decentralized banking and cryptocurrencies go hand in hand. In fact, several people prefer to describe this process as “crypto banking”. Decentralization brings the possibility of performing loan services and credit rating without the involvement of a central authority, in contrast to the centralized economy.

However, the traditional banks offer no financial freedom, and they have no technology in place that ensures the democratization of their financial system.

Benefits of a Decentralized Banking Platform

1) Decentralized Trust

A decentralized banking platform enables individuals and organizations to process transactions without the need for a central authority. This reduces or even eliminates the counterparty risk.

2) Enhanced Security

As decentralized banking works on blockchain technology, the data is recorded in a block, which means it cannot be altered retroactively. It makes the platform inherently secure.

3) Decreased Costs

By leveraging the distributed approach to form a system that decentralizes trust, banks can reduce the transaction fees significantly by eliminating the central authority.

4) Increased Transparency

Smart contracts and blockchain technology offer greater transparency. In a decentralized crypto banking platform, the entire monetary flow is recorded on-chain and can be audited by any party.

5) Faster Transactions

Consumers and businesses spend thousands of dollars internationally every year instantly and securely. Sending money to another country is quite easy as crypto-friendly banks are using blockchain for remittances.

6) Reduced Frauds

Decentralized banking platform resists hacking, DDOS attacks, and other forms of fraud. It leads to better business operations and reduced costs. Also, users have more control over their data and identity.

To Sum Up

Decentralization is poised to transform the banking industry. It can empower banks to not only alleviate payment processing costs but also roll out ingenious products and services that can create new streams of revenue.

If you are also planning to develop a crypto-friendly banking platform, Antier Solutions can help. We provide a white label crypto banking solution packed with all essential banking functions such as bank accounts, credit/debit cards, payments, lending, trading, and more.

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