NFTs: Authoring the Future of Digital Content

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At the time of their launch, NFTs were perceived as just another form of earning revenue for financial institutions. As a result, a swathe of services providers added NFTs to their portfolios with the hope that they might gain some traction. However, that never happened.

In fact, NFTs are more than just another asset in the investment portfolio. They are huge, they are important and in all honesty, they are the future.

In early 2020, NFTs experienced an explosive rise with their collective value of the tokens surpassing the 100 M mark. Not to miss, that happened in less than 6 months. But why are NFTs special? Are they really the most successful form of crypto assets?

To put it simply, NFTs are crypto assets that represent a physical asset and have identifiable information stored in their smart contract. It is this immutable information that makes every NFT asset unique. Unlike regular cryptocurrencies, non-fungible tokens can’t be replaced or swapped.

Be it artwork, audio or video clips, real estate, or any other physical or digital asset, Antier specializes in tokenizing every asset, empowering NFT owners to launch their tokens in the global market and amplify their earning opportunities.

Now, NFT development holds importance because the information stored in their smart contract can be used for a variety of purposes especially as a proof-of-ownership for a physical asset. For example, a musician can launch an NFT for their new album release. Besides locking the proof of original source, the token price grows with the popularity of the artwork and thus provides life-long royalty to the creator. Not to miss, the earnings are disbursed to the artist directly, with no entity whether individual or institution as a mediator thereby saving cost and effort.

The ERC-721 compliant token makes it seamless to implement dual farm pools and thereby ensure a persistent growth of the network.

Antier Solutions has always aimed to be associated with growth and progress in the blockchain realm. NFT opens the doors to ample opportunities, which Antier aims to extend via our service offerings. We are confident of our crypto expertise and the ground-breaking initiatives with Non Fungible Tokens, and the Non-Fungible Wallet Development Services.

Tech innovations have always created a buzz that resulted in creators and storytellers taking it up as a muse. While experimenting and toying with curiosity innovations are made. Some of these innovations tend to change how the world functions, NFT feels like one of the innovations that leave its mark.

“We are eager to explore the incredible avenues that NFT presents the world of blockchain with. There isn’t a more exciting time to take a dive into the world of Non-Fungible Token Development than now.” Says Vikram Singh, CEO, Antier Solutions.

Antier has been sinking its fangs into Non-Fungible Token Development. NFT Exchange development, NFT Wallet Development, NFT Development what have you, we’ve been working on, and what an experience it has been!

The aim of this piece is to open grounds for further conversation and bring forth discussion of possibilities that NFT presents. To put it simply, a non-fungible asset refers to something of distinct value, in which no two items are the same such as a house, piece of art, clothing, and so on. NFTs enable the creation of digital certificates that represent a unique asset and can be attached to anything. When we say anything, we mean anything you could imagine, not excluding photos, videos, audio, even text. NFT creates a proof of origin, authenticity, and ownership of the digital asset that further allows the token to be owned, bought, sold, and traded.

To put things in context, let’s say your child drew an image for you, instead of putting it up on the refrigerator with a magnet, you register it as yours. So, no matter how many times that image was copied and exchanged hands or went viral on the internet (how you wish!), that won’t alter the origins of it, and shall always route back to you as the authenticated owner.

Antier performs ERC-721 compliant NFT development that ensures a persistent growth of the blockchain network. While creating a strategic approach for token development, we also aim at including the creation of an immutable proof of digital ownership, token creation on contract-driven networks, and enabling our clientele to add and store information regarding the asset in a succinct manner.

Antier solutions have been catering to the need for non-fungible token development. Powered by technical prowess, rich blockchain experience, and deep domain knowledge, we have helped various start-ups and enterprises across the globe to launch their non-fungible tokens. Going forward, we aim to perform more token development across a variety of physical assets.



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