Market-leading Clone Scripts to Build Your Cryptocurrency Exchange

A cryptocurrency exchange can be built from scratch or an exchange clone script can be used to customize your desired exchange. However, a cryptocurrency exchange clone is more popular nowadays as it provides a readymade software solution, thereby accelerating deployment and launch processes.

Antier is a leading and trusted clone script provider, crafting clones of top cryptocurrency exchanges to build a similar exchange platform for clients. We help you build your crypto exchange like Binance, Coinbase, Okex and many others.

Let’s have a look at the top 10 exchange clone scripts that we provide:

  • Binance Clone Script

Binance is a global cryptocurrency exchange based in Japan. This platform supports more than 100 cryptocurrencies and is considered the largest cryptocurrency exchange in terms of the trading volume. Binance boasts of 4 million daily active users. It is a multi-language exchange with a high-frequency trading system.

How can Antier help?

Antier houses the best team of experts who can provide you with a Binance like clone script with all the features that contribute toward world-class security and performance. You will be able to attract the market’s attention and make a profit just like Binance.

  • Coinbase Clone Script

Coinbase started its operations in 2011 as a Bitcoin trading exchange. But gradually by the year 2016, it started adding other cryptocurrencies as well. Coinbase has global users from over 30 countries. The exchange has a fast and user-friendly interface to trade crypto assets. In 2017, Coinbase hit the annual revenue of $1 billion and further continues to hit the highest revenue year by year.

What can Antier Offer?

Antier provides a user-friendly interface of the clone with easy on-boarding of the users. It facilitates instant deposit and transfer of assets between users with multiple paying options such as credit card, debit card, bank transfer, etc.

  • Bitstamp Clone Script

Bitstamp was founded in 2011 as a European cryptocurrency exchange platform. This exchange is known for reliable and trustworthy fund transfer, grater trading speed, user-friendly interface and guaranteed trading. Its service fee amounts to 0.25% and can reach an annual revenue of $17.9 million.

What can Antier provide?

Antier’s cryptocurrency exchange development services can help you start your cryptocurrency exchange based on Bitstamp’s clone script. We can also customize the features according to your requirements and regulatory legislations of the region where you wish to launch and operate your exchange.

  • Okex Clone Script

Okex is a Malta-based cryptocurrency exchange platform. This platform supports centralized digital asset exchange to process daily transactions of crypto payments. It offers a safe, reliable and trusted environment for the trading of crypto assets. Okex also provides the feature of margin trading, low transaction fees, security response center and lot more.

What can Antier provide?

Antier can help you in fulfilling your dream to build a crypto exchange like Okex. Our engineers allow you to benefit from the most acclaimed features of the exchange. We combine technology, intelligent strategies and design thinking-driven approach to clone cryptocurrency exchange.

  • Poloniex Clone Script

Poloniex is a US-based crypto-to-crypto trading platform. It provides maximum possible security for traders with advanced trading options. Poloniex has a user-friendly interface. It has now extended its trading service all across the globe.

How can Antier help?
Antier is backed by a team of experts, who have delved themselves into the research of crypto exchanges. We can provide you with a Poloniex clone script to fulfill your desire to have a similar kind of exchange with a high user base.

  • Paxful Clone Script

Paxful is a US-based cryptocurrency exchange platform. This platform allows easy trading of bitcoins. This platform was launched in 2015 to allow a simple, fair and secure means of trading. It currently supports more than 300 payment methods. Paxful is restricted in various countries and involves verifications at every step for enabling secured transactions.

What can Antier offer?

Antier can provide you with the best clone script to start your crypto exchange at the earliest. We can customize the security features and other features according to your requirements and help you gain an essential competitive edge.

  • Kraken Clone Script

Kraken, established in 2011, is one of the leading crypto exchange platforms and is yielding considerably high revenue. It has high trading volume, thus making it distinct from other exchanges all over the world.

What can Antier provide?

Antier can expedite the cryptocurrency exchange development process and fulfill your desire quickly. We can integrate the exchange with high liquidity options to ensure high trade volume and traders density.

  • Coinone Clone Script

Coinone was launched in 2014 as a South Korean cryptocurrency exchange. It supports margin trading services and trading with KRW. Coinone has also launched an app for speedy cross-border payments.

What can Antier build?

We complement Coinone cryptocurrency exchange clone with features like multi-language support, automated KYC and AML processes, secure admin panel, automatic trading bot, high liquidity options, and more.

  • Bithump Clone Script

Bithump is the first Korean based crypto exchange platform, owned and maintained by a South Korean company named BTC Bithump provides the two-step verification process to maintain more security and reliability. It further provides coupons, notifications and customer support.

What can Antier offer?

Antier can help you accomplish your aim of launching your crypto exchange like Bithump. We can assist you in integrating some of the unique features which will make you stand out in the market. You can get the clone customized according to your requirements and expect an accelerated deployment process.

  • Gemini Clone Script

Gemini is a New York-based crypto exchange platform. This is a regulated crypto exchange platform underpinned by security, powerful trading engine, reliable and faster platform to buy and sell crypto assets. Gemini exchange also integrates APIs for cyber security.

How can Antier help?
Antier provides a user-friendly clone script of Gemini exchange. It has a self-explanatory trading platform for faster and secure transactions. We also assist our clients with advanced features for top-notch security and performance.

Final Thoughts

If you envision launching your cryptocurrency exchange fortified with the features like aforementioned exchanges or you wish to develop your customized exchange, we can assist you. We also specialize in delivering feature-rich white label crypto exchange in just 3 weeks.

Schedule a free demo of our white label exchange or share your requirements for cryptocurrency exchange clone.



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