Alert for the MLM Industry! Blockchain is Transforming it Totally

In 2016 when Kayla Imhoff was in a desperate mental state after getting laid off from her retail job, she accepted a seemingly routine Facebook request to reconnect with an old acquaintance. Later, over lunch, her new FB friend tactfully convinced her how associating with a nutrition and skincare multi-level marketing company enabled her to start her new business and earn enough to live a fantastic life, while also curing her fibromyalgia. She told Kayla her joining the MLM (multi-level marketing) business in her downline will make her embark on a new, independent, and rewarding career where she will never need to do a regular job or report to anyone.

Move forward 18 months; Kayla ended up spending about $3,000 of her family’s money that she couldn’t pay back. Her friends on social media blocked her. She was disgusted feeling how false claims were sold to her as facts to get her on board.

Questions, Reasons, and Solutions

How did it happen? Where did the dream go haywire? How do we restore the trust of distributors in the MLM industry?

The centralization of the MLM ecosystem and lack of transparency were two major reasons behind this feeling of mistrust and brainwashing.

Blockchain based MLM software development brings in both the components that were missing in the MLM.

Why Blockchain

Blockchain technology can restore a distributor’s trust in the MLM industry.

Here are three ways blockchain technology is revolutionizing network marketing.


In a blockchain-backed business ecosystem, there is no central authority maintaining the database, or influencing the free flow of information. The intermediaries like banks, financial institutions, and currency exchanges are also cut out, leaving more money in the hands of the promoters to distribute among the people associated with the network.

Even the rules like when the members can be terminated or the details of the quitting process can be incorporated in the smart contract, which is written to automatically execute, control, or document legally relevant events and actions.

Smart contracts

The transfer of currency is automated, again thanks to smart contracts. No one controls the access to funds and smart contracts can trigger certain actions across a peer-to-peer network. For instance, if a distributor sells products or adds a new member to their downline, the smart contract would generate a payment on its own. Smart contract based MLM business is key to your success in the changing times.


MLM companies and distributors themselves tend to exaggerate income to get new distributors in. A digital ledger records transactions in a blockchain-based ecosystem, leading to unprecedented transparency.

Final Thoughts

As the blockchain technology evolves, it is only going to get better, more secure, and simpler to use. It offers the MLM industry the framework to regain the trust of distributors and consumers who are feeling disillusioned. Embracing blockchain will enable MLM companies to again become the carrier of people’s dreams.

Antier Solutions has seasoned blockchain developers well-versed with the business model of MLM businesses. Working for you as a closed partner, we can provide you with a white label smart contract based MLM platform. Additionally, we can also guide you on how to start smart contract based MLM business.

Schedule a free demo of our white label smart contract based MLM software or connect with our subject matter experts to share your business needs.



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