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How To Create a Cryptocurrency Exchange Website and How Much Does it Cost?

Cryptocurrency has been in boom for a long time, and it is gaining quick traction and adoption worldwide. While many people are interested in cryptocurrency trading, many others are choosing to put their money into cryptocurrency exchange development.

If you are planning to capitalize on cryptocurrency exchange development and want to understand how to and the cost involved in the venture, delve into the blog.

To start with, there are different types of cryptocurrency exchanges that you should know about in order to decide which exchange type best fits your business requirements.

  • Centralized Exchange

This is one of the most popular types; most exchange platforms on the market are centralized. A centralized exchange matches buy and sell orders of users. As an Admin, you have complete control over a centralized exchange and are responsible for fulfilling buy/sell orders.

  • Peer to Peer Exchange platforms

Unlike a centralized exchange, a P2P exchange matches the users instead of buy/sell orders. Once the users agree to each other’s conditions, the transaction is initiated and executed.

If you want to build an exchange for people who live at places where cryptocurrency is not legal, P2P solution is the best option to go for.

  • Arbitrage exchange platforms

If you are targeting the user base that has accounts on more than one exchange and needs a solution that allows them to monitor all those exchanges from a single platform, then you should build a robust and advanced cross exchange arbitrage platform.

Once you have decided what type of exchange you want to build, it’s time to decide the features that you want to integrate into your exchange. Here are some must have features of an exchange.

  • High TPS
  • Powerful Trade Engine
  • Secure hot Wallet
  • Multi-layer security
  • High liquidity
  • KYC and AML

Besides, integrating the following security features into a cryptocurrency exchange can augment the security of the platform:

  • HTTP Authentication
  • Data Encryption
  • Jail Login
  • Anti-Denial of Service (DoS)
  • Cross-Site Request Forgery
  • Server-Side Request Forgery (SSRF) Protection
  • HTTP Parameter Pollution Protection

A cryptocurrency exchange fortified with multi-layer security, powerful trading engine and high liquidity is more likely to build credibility and a large user base.

How much does it cost to develop a cryptocurrency exchange?

The cost of developing a crypto exchange depends on the features that a cryptocurrency exchange incorporates.

Apart from the features, the cost to also depends on:

  • Number of coins and tokens to be integrated
  • Server
  • Maintenance

Once the Exchange is built, maintenance is required in later stages. The maintenance cost varies from organization to organization. It even depends on the services being provided in this phase.

Some of the common services offered are:

  • Data optimization
  • System Health Check
  • Order execution
  • Server maintenance

Keep time constraint in mind

You can build an exchange from scratch or use white label cryptocurrency development services which allow you to launch your exchange faster and at a much cheaper rate. White label exchanges have core back-end and database ready for deployment; they can be easily customized by adding the logo and color theme as per business requirements and launched into the market quickly.

Antier Solutions specializes in delivering feature-rich, highly-secure white label exchange platform in just 3 weeks.

With Antier’s white label crypto exchange development solutions, you save your development time and cost and can quickly launch your exchange to stay ahead of the game.

DeFi, Crypto banking, White label cryptocurrency exchange development, Crypto wallet development, coin development, fintech, Blockchain

DeFi, Crypto banking, White label cryptocurrency exchange development, Crypto wallet development, coin development, fintech, Blockchain