A Complete Guide on the Working of a Cryptocurrency Exchange

Generally, crypto exchanges work like traditional stock exchanges. The difference lies in the backend technology and the assets that are traded on each of these exchanges. Stock exchanges enable trading of stocks or derivatives. On the other hand, crypto exchanges, which are backed by blockchain technology, allow trading of crypto coins and tokens.

Cryptocurrency pairs or simply called “trading pairs” describe trade between one type of cryptocurrency and another. For instance, one of the popular crypto trading pairs is BTC/ ETH. It means that you can buy and sell Bitcoin against Ethereum.

During cryptocurrency exchange development, make sure to integrate maximum trading pairs as it not only brings more number of traders to exchange but also maximizes the liquidity in the exchange. Binance, one of the leading crypto exchanges, has a total of 591 trading pairs and WazirX offers 145 trading pairs.

Cryptocurrency exchanges enable trading of crypto assets. A crypto exchange platform authorizes a user to trade cryptocurrencies after validating his/her identity. To initiate trading, traders have to fund their crypto accounts. The amount of funds required depends on the framework of a crypto exchange.

To enable convenient trading, exchange owners can integrate a secure payment gateway into their exchange platforms. It will allow your users to seamlessly trade their desired cryptocurrency. For instance, Binance offers over 300 payment gateways to its users — credit cards, debit cards, Visa card, MasterCard, and PayPal — to name a few.

In addition to a payment gateway, exchange owners can fortify their exchange platforms with a robust matching that matches the buy and sell orders with minimum latency.

Another important aspect of crypto exchange development is ensuring the security of the exchange. Users are more likely to come to an exchange that offers high security to safeguard their funds and transactions.

Crypto trading has acquired global adoption. Launching a secure, user-friendly, and high-performance exchange platform means getting more users that ultimately amplifies your revenue generation opportunities.

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