For Beginners: Smart Contract Deployment over Solana

This post provides a quick overview to beginners planning to learn Solana smart contract development. If you were hiding below the hood and didn’t realize alternative blockchain platforms to Ethereum then you too must read it.

To understand the basics, the developers must ensure the following pre-requisites to install Solana:

First things first — what is a smart contract?

To put it simply, a digital transaction protocol monitors, validates and executes the transactions as per the pre-determined conditions in the contract. While Ethereum deserves the credit to introduce the feature, Solana provides a better approach.

Just like Ethereum, a smart contract over Solana is completely authored on the blockchain with scope of customization as per varying business logics.

Deploying first Smart Contract

The ecosystem of DeFi apps on Solana is growing at an accelerating rate. In order to power basic DeFi mechanisms and execute key on-chain functions, such as issuing loans at fair market prices or liquidating under collateralized positions, these dApps need access to highly reliable and high-quality market data.

Solana Smart Contract Development with Antier Solutions

Smart Contract networks such as Solana have been among the hottest topics in the blockchain and specifically the Proof-of-Stake blockchain world. Many platforms are competing with each other. And while all platforms have some shortcomings, we’re interested to see how Solana is going to develop the smart contracts for the future.

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