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  • erick calder

    erick calder

    data architect. developer. crypto evangelist. investor.

  • Kathy Lum

    Kathy Lum

    I’m a writer of lifestyle, health, mental wellness, and living the best life possible.

  • Pavlos Sepetas

    Pavlos Sepetas

    Fan of decentralized and antifragile systems. Located in Mountain View, CA.

  • Calvin Pak

    Calvin Pak

    Indexing protocol for querying and write for open networks. Making APIs open and accessible to power a decentralized world. #blockchain #infrastructure #web3

  • Paulius


    Blockchain enthusiast. Smart contracts developer.

  • Andrey Andrade

    Andrey Andrade

    Empresário, escovador de bits e nas horas vagas - que são poucas - escultor

  • Bullionix


    Turn your DGX balance into rare gold-backed collectibles with the world’s only decentralized mint.

  • Raffaella Aghemo

    Raffaella Aghemo

    Lawyer and consultant for innovation technology, IP, copyright, communication & marketing, likes movies and books, writes legal features and books reviews

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