Everything You Need to Know About a PWA Bitcoin Wallet

As statistics reveal, more than half of Internet users rely on mobile phones for their online activities. Users today want apps to appear online instantly. They lack the patience to wait even for a few seconds and won’t hesitate to move on to another wallet in case of delay.

If you fear your customers hopping on your competitors’ bitcoin wallet, don’t worry. You can gain a competitive edge by opting for PWA (progressive web apps) Bitcoin wallet development.

Why PWA wallets are getting increasingly popular

PWAs introduce users to the advantages of both web and mobile, blending the features of a web browser and interface of a mobile app. A PWA gets going rapidly and gains the trust of customers by rolling out an extraordinary user experience.

As web-based wallets, PWAs can be downloaded as a desktop or smartphone application. They score over website-only wallets, bringing in advantages like offline capabilities, more reliability & speed, and seamless interactions. Developed for viewing on mobile phones, they may have entirely different UI/UX than their web counterparts. Users may use access and manage their bitcoin, ether, and other cryptocurrencies here.

PWA wallets vs URL-based wallets

The Chrome browser has made it simpler for your users to download phone app versions of their favorite products by including PWA download buttons in their interface. With PWAs there is no need to submit products to app stores and wait agonizingly for approvals. Right from the browser, users can access PWAs at will.

A URL-based wallet, on the other hand, requires the users to open the link via a browser. Generally, users need a username and password to log in. They interact within the web interface. All relevant data is stored in the browser temporarily, so the wallet will open faster when the users open it for the second time or later.

A big advantage of a PWA is that your users can save it on the home screen. This enables them to access the wallet whenever they want. Service workers running beneath the bonnet restore the latest information when the connection to the Internet is established. Moreover, PWAs work with ease on smartphones of all manufacturers.

It becomes really easy for the traders

PWA wallets have the potential to simplify things to an unprecedented level for the users, so it really is not a surprise that you find around a considerable number of cryptocurrency traders preferring these wallets. These are the users who have used the features of a PWA wallet in person, so they vouch for the fact of how easy the wallet makes it for the traders.

How to go ahead with PWA wallet development

If you have decided to get developed a PWA wallet for your exchange, we congratulate you as it is the right decision. However, you need to factor in that bitcoin wallet development requires expertise in a host of technologies. A bug-ridden application may result in your users losing their valuable crypto coins and you the business that you have built over the years.

If you lack technical expertise, the best option at your hand is to outsource the job to a bitcoin wallet app development company. Rather than getting a faulty wallet at hand, it is always better to trust people who know wallet building inside out.

At Antier, we have successfully delivered various white label and custom wallet projects and can cater to your business needs with our diligently crafted solutions.

Schedule a free demo of our white label crypto wallet or connect with our subject matter experts to share your bitcoin wallet development needs.

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