DeFi Yield Farming to stay relevant and profitable in the crypto finance game

Crypto finance has matured. It is no more ‘that alternative source’ of making more money. Rather, the mainstream consumption has positioned it alongside the traditional fiat markets. In all honesty, Decentralized Finance (DeFi) protocols have had a significant role in moving the trends from ‘somewhat decentralized’ to ‘total decentralized’ transition of the Blockchain finance products.

At the time of writing this, the Total Value Locked (TVL) across all DeFi platforms was more than USD 20 billion and that’s huge for an industry locking horns with regulations. As DeFi marches on, Yield Farming will lead from the front and deliver what it promised — equal opportunity for all!

Understanding Yield Farming — Staking cryptos to make more cryptos

To put it simply, it is a practice of investors staking (farming) their crypto assets in a farm (pool) and earning interests (yield) in return. Unlike traditional staking, Yield Farming generates returns faster and can be implemented with fewer investors. Therefore, many upcoming DeFi protocols are written around Yield Framing to attract greater participation.

Ideally, a DeFi yielding platform uses open-source and permission-free decentralized apps that provide complete control to the users. This means, no third-party entities or middlemen are involved in the process.

Since building a Yield Farming protocol is a convoluted affair, it’s safe to hire professional DeFi Yield Farming developments services. If time to market is a concern, you may explore opportunities in white label DeFi platform development services.

In Yield Farming, the funds are mostly deposited through stable coins such as USDT, DAI and USDC. However, there’s no generalization to this and the requirement could vary from project to project. As far as returns are concerned, they are calculated through metrics such as Annual Percentage Rate (APR) and Annual Percentage Yield (APY).

Let us develop your Yield Farming platform


Going forward, select a professional DeFi yield farming Development Company that has the following qualifications –

  • Expertise in full stack Decentralized exchange development that supports Automated market-making model.
  • Expertise in tokenization (fungible & non-fungible) of assets with a focus on stable liquidity on the platform.
  • Expertise in white label Yield Farming solution to support instant deployment and on-demand customization of features.
  • Developing a decentralized wallet where users can send/receive, hold, and invest their crypto assets on native as well as external DeFi platforms.
  • Expertise in creating liquidity pool algorithms thereby enabling token staking and assuring democratic qualification in platform governance.

The purpose of DeFi Yield Farming Services is to enhance the utility of the crypto assets in platform liquidation. This is an opportunity for the common investor to share the stage and trade with the large corporates. Not to miss, it ensures building a community-driven governance mechanism while providing instant returns on the farmed tokens.

Here’s the DEMO you were looking for

As an experienced Blockchain finance entity, we have built a working model of a DeFi Yield Farming protocol that can help attract the required volume of investment. Reach us out today to explore more.



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