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DeFi is Finally Here!

Strengthening our Blockchain competence with a new line of service


Every step taken reveals a new horizon and we are thrilled to announce the inclusion of DeFi solutions in our enterprise COE.

For over 6 months, the teams at Antier have been burning the midnight oil and brainstormed various possibilities to simplify financial processes with a decentralization spin. We were tirelessly working on finance models in P2P lending, trading, and crypto banking to make Blockchain finance more cohesive and responsive.

And there couldn’t be a more perfect time to announce our areas of focus for the upcoming quarters.

Why DeFi?

DeFi represents a conglomerate of financial functions over a decentralized Blockchain network wherein anyone can sign up and seek instantaneous financial services such as lending, trading, and personal banking. Moreover, it provides limitless scope to embrace decentralization and built highly consumer-centric dApps (decentralized apps) for any finance function.

Needless to say, our vision of a decentralized economy would have been incomplete without DeFi systems and applications.

What does it mean for Antier?

With DeFi, Antier Solutions looks forward to strengthening its inveterate stint in Blockchain finance and expand global reach to more markets. Not only it makes us one of the first DeFi services providers in India but also elevates our stature in the global Blockchain community.

With full-scale DeFi services, we embark on an exciting journey of addressing grave complexities in the Blockchain finance.

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