Bitcoin Exchange Website Script

Build a Cryptocurrency Exchange with Bitcoin Exchange Website Script

As the number of crypto traders is increasing day by day, so is the number of crypto exchanges. A popular messaging app LINE launched BitBox last year in 2018, following which Yahoo — one of the popular email services providers, launched its crypto own exchange Taotoa” on May 30th. Initially, the exchange supports Bitcoin, Ethereum currencies and margin trading for Ripple, Litecoin etc. The exchange operates both as an online trading website and mobile trading application. More and more traders are seeing exchange development as an opportunity of business.

Reason behind the hype of crypto exchange platform is Bitcoin. Bitcoin has been surging and appealing masses worldwide. This hype has inspired many entrepreneurs and crypto enthusiasts to and what other easy way could be there for exchange website development than Bitcoin exchange website script.

What is Bitcoin exchange website script?

Cryptocurrency exchange website script is a tailor-made programming code, which is programmed in any language — from PHP, mean stack, to JavaScript, or any other. Website script allows you to build your own website over an already existing code, while ensuring high customization options.

Why should you build an exchange website using website script?

It is because building a cryptocurrency exchange website from scratch takes a lot of efforts and indeed it is a tedious task to do. On the other hand, using a website script allows you to reduce the exchange’s time to market while allowing you to customize the entire website according to your business needs. What feels more doable?

Where can you get best Bitcoin exchange scripts from?

You can easily find a that offers website scripts. Given that there are a plethora of companies providing exchange scripts, it is important to count on an experienced and reliable exchange development company that can provide you with a feature-rich, highly-secure exchange.

Even an exchange fortified with security and high-performance features needs users to become successful.

What Business strategies can help you increase traffic to your bitcoin exchange website?

  • Referral programs

A referral program incentivizes exchange users for referring the exchange to others. This type of program benefits both the exchange owner and the user. While the users get a lucrative reward (usually cryptocurrencies) for each referral, exchange owners get more traffic to their website.

  • Margin trading method

Exchanges with margin trading feature allow a user to level up a trade by borrowing money. Such exchanges lend traders a certain amount of funds to increase the size of their order which boosts the gain from a profitable trade.

  • Fastest trade matching engine

A trade matching engine is vital for ensuring the smooth functioning of an exchange; a fast trading engine fulfills buy/sell orders with minimum latency and thus attracts a lot of traders.

What features should you look for in a Bitcoin exchange script?

  • Two-factor authentication
  • SMS verification through a one-time password
  • Google ReCaptcha.
  • A highly secure bitcoin wallet
  • Integration of easy monitoring system to watch the trader activities
  • Anti-Money Laundering (AML) with KYC system to store the trader data

Take away:

The main concerns of any individual building an exchange are security, cost and time. A highly secure crypto website script provides all three — it not only ensures secure trading of crypto assets but also reduces the market to time of an exchange website and reduces the development cost.

DeFi, Crypto banking, White label cryptocurrency exchange development, Crypto wallet development, coin development, fintech, Blockchain

DeFi, Crypto banking, White label cryptocurrency exchange development, Crypto wallet development, coin development, fintech, Blockchain