Break Through The Gaming Market With Ethereum dApp Games Development

Over 900,000 applications found in the App Store and Play Store are just games. Yet, it doesn’t matter how many games are available; global gamers are concerned about one valid flaw — security. That’s exactly what Ethereum-based dApp games provide. Ethereum dApp games development provides security and reliability, which is why it’s evolving as the most promising business model.

Developing dApp games on the Ethereum blockchain has helped gaming entrepreneurs solve security-related issues by providing robust security protocols, and they are frequently changing the landscape of the gaming arena.

Benefits of Using Ethereum Blockchain In Dapp Game Development

Smart Contracts
Smart contracts rule out the involvement of any intermediaries by automating a process. Due to the absence of a central authority, it provides users with a more secure gaming experience.

The inability to change the data recorded on the blockchain provides the gaming platform top-notch security and assurance that the rules of the games won’t change with time, thereby resulting in creating credibility among gamers.

As the whole gaming network is decentralized, it enables gamers to gain complete ownership of their data, points earned, and funds.

The Ethereum blockchain network is fortified with multiple layers of security, which means that a dApp game is immune to hack.

Network size
Ethereum’s wide size of customer base and its continued success prove that it has the potential to execute multiple transactions in a fraction of time.

Token standards
Leveraging the potential of both ERC 20 (Utility) and ERC-721 (NFT) tokens, gaming entrepreneurs can amalgamate them both and offer a unique gaming experience to gamers.

Business Benefits of building Ethereum Gaming applications

  • Reduced price of gaming development, if chosen proper network and best blockchain development company

To Sum Up

Ethereum-based dApp games have obtained a massive $33 million only in their first year of launch. The estimated total revenue in 2020 was around $98 million. It proves Ether dApp games are the future of the gaming world.

If you are also planning to build your own Ethereum dapp game, Antier Solutions can help. We provide a highly secured gaming platform over blockchain with top-rate functionality & advanced security features. With our Ethereum dapp gaming platform, we also provide a DeFi crypto wallet where users can secure their funds.

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