DeFi or decentralized finance took the crypto world by storm in the summer of 2020. Not only did it open up opportunities like lending and borrowing to everyone but it also changed the staking game. Just like centralized staking, DeFi staking software enables users to earn interest on their crypto holdings. The DeFi staking platform uses smart contracts for managing the staking and distribution of rewards.

Staking on DeFi protocols is popularly known as liquidity mining or yield farming. This is a win-win opportunity for both DeFi token holders as well as the protocol operators. That’s because while the token…

DeFi is a rage and all services aim to include it in their portfolios. However, it demands a powerful crypto wallet infrastructure to operate with finesse. There is a plethora of wallets available in the crypto marketplace and all of them are packed with top-notch features.

There are a number of reasons to embrace the decentralization of wallets. DeFi wallets can easily be disconnected from the internet when they are not in use, making them highly secure. Moreover, they are fortified with multi-signature security and social recovery layer, etc. Why should you build a crypto DeFi wallet? Let’s discuss.


Over 900,000 applications found in the App Store and Play Store are just games. Yet, it doesn’t matter how many games are available; global gamers are concerned about one valid flaw — security. That’s exactly what Ethereum-based dApp games provide. Ethereum dApp games development provides security and reliability, which is why it’s evolving as the most promising business model.

Developing dApp games on the Ethereum blockchain has helped gaming entrepreneurs solve security-related issues by providing robust security protocols, and they are frequently changing the landscape of the gaming arena.

Benefits of Using Ethereum Blockchain In Dapp Game Development

Smart Contracts


At the time of their launch, NFTs were perceived as just another form of earning revenue for financial institutions. As a result, a swathe of services providers added NFTs to their portfolios with the hope that they might gain some traction. However, that never happened.

In fact, NFTs are more than just another asset in the investment portfolio. They are huge, they are important and in all honesty, they are the future.

In early 2020, NFTs experienced an explosive rise with their collective value of the tokens surpassing the 100 M mark. Not to miss, that happened in less than…

Trading over White Label bitcoin Exchanges and multiple trading strategies

Crypto markets are known for being insanely volatile that has created and destroyed many fortunes. Unlike the stocks, where a 2% gain holds greater significance, crypto markets have generated returns as high as 10x within a few hours. And that’s exactly why millions of users have flocked to crypto trading with the hope to generate immediate profits.

At the same time, exchanges have an opportunity to regale a huge pool of users by introducing more trading choices. Since most white label bitcoin exchange software tools support all major trading techniques, new entrants can quickly learn and participate in mainstream markets.

First of all, let us understand — What is a trading strategy?


South Korea: Crypto Wallet Development

South Korea is truly crypto crazy. While the country has less than 1 percent of the world’s population, estimates indicate it is responsible for 30 percent of all crypto trading in the world.

While people in other countries may be hesitant to indulge in something which is emerging, South Korea is known for the quick adoption of new tech offerings. As per the recent survey, it is reported that the two largest crypto trading platforms of South Korea have experienced more than 2 million user registration in just three months with different age groups. …

Build a P2P Exchange

Unlike a centralized exchange where a group of individuals controls and manages the platform, a Peer-to-Peer exchange is governed by software. It connects the counterparties directly to set up a trade. As a result, it creates a very flexible yet secure environment to trade cryptocurrencies.

In a centralized setup, the exchange acts as an intermediary between the counterparties. While the platform makes a profit by charging a trading fee, it exposes users’ assets to hacks and adds to the overhead costs. On the contrary, while using a peer-to-peer exchange, the user does not need to depend upon a third party…

DeFi Use-Cases

Decentralized Finance or DeFi was the hottest crypto trend in 2020. Many speculated that DeFi would meet the same fate as the 2017 ICO bubble. However, the DeFi bubble denied to pop and seems to be getting even bigger and stronger in 2021. Currently, the total value locked in DeFi protocol amounts to be over $40 billion. Interestingly, the value has almost tripled since the beginning of 2021. As a Defi development company, Antier Solutions believes that DeFi sector is primed for explosion.

What started as an experiment seems to have turned into a global movement. DeFi has now penetrated…

Blockchain Technology in Insurance Industry

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) estimated that the total cost of insurance fraud is over $40 billion per year. Basically, the sheer complexity of the modern insurance industry creates a visibility gap that is exploited by criminals to make multiple or false claims. The insurance setup is inherently complex involving brokers, insurers, reinsurers, and the product consumer. Along with that, the current insurance system is driven by paper contracts and the claims keep shuffling from insured entities to insurers and reinsurers. As a result, the claims and payments are prone to manual errors or frauds.

Blockchain technology promises to offer…

Reports claim that in 2018, the OTC cryptocurrency market trade volumes were 2 to 3 times higher than the crypto exchange market trade volumes. According to the data presented by TABB, the capital market research firm, the Bitcoin trade volumes in crypto exchange markets were close to $4 billion per day. This means the OTC crypto market trade volumes were somewhere between $8 billion and $12 billion.

Over the last 2 years, the trade volumes in both markets have increased multi-fold. According to the March 2020 data, Bitcoin worth over $20 billion is being traded in the OTC markets every…

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