6 Reasons to opt for Microservice Architecture for Your Bitcoin Exchange

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3 min readSep 29, 2020

Building a crypto exchange platform on microservice architecture enables secure and robust functioning of the exchange. It segregates a software application into different microservice groups. Each group operates individually, without burdening other groups with the workload. Moreover, a microservice group is served by its own database. To solve a large complex business problem, a group would coordinate with other microservices through Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

Here are the seven reasons why you should build your crypto exchange on microservice architecture.

  • Development agility

From the development point of view, microservice architecture for your bitcoin exchange is a welcome step. It allows you to deploy small teams of one or two people to develop a microservice each. All you need to do is define the service boundary and the ‘micro team’ will plan, build, deploy, and maintain the stuff independently. Small teams are generally more responsive to changes compared to large teams. Onboarding the right technical staff will ensure no breach of contract. Connect with a reliable development company to buy bitcoin exchange software.

  • Separate technology stack for each microservice component

In a monolithic approach to software development, you choose a standard technology stack for the whole application. The approach is like one-thing-fits-in-all, but it does not always work. Even a minor change in one component affects the whole application.

A microservice, on the other hand, is a small independent application with no build dependency on other microservices within the application. As already mentioned, all communication that the application may require is done through APIs.

  • Easy vertical scaling

It becomes easier to handle vertical scaling issues in microservice architecture as you can localize and fix the issue without worrying about the rest of the application. Additionally, you can use a different set of technologies to rewrite the microservice to meet your vertical scaling objectives.

  • Better fault isolation

An application built on monolithic architecture may crash as a whole, disrupting the whole business. However, in the microservice architecture, you don’t need to press the pause button for the whole application if the fault is limited to a particular component. You may ask your technical team to focus on a specific service while the rest of the software keeps functioning as usual. For instance, if only the customer feedback section of the exchange is facing an issue, you won’t need to take the whole exchange offline.

  • Identification of popular services

Microservices within an application are independent of each other. You can use the architecture to pick up services in demand and focus on scaling them independently. No other architecture is a better fit for the isolated scaling than microservices. This results in the optimal usage of your resources. This is quite opposite to a monolithic application that consumes all your resource bandwidth.

  • Uninterrupted user interaction

Thanks to the microservice architecture, your users can continue performing useful work if their session has crashed. This architecture allows you to move user-specific data to shared, redundant storage accessible from sundry service instances. This set-up ensures uninterrupted user interactions even when a specific instance session had failed, resulting in a better user experience.

Summing up

By the year 2023, the world microservices market is expected to reach $8.1 billion and the cryptocurrency exchanges will certainly be contributing to these numbers. This data suggests the rapid adoption of microservices architecture by the industry.

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