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Reports claim that in 2018, the OTC cryptocurrency market trade volumes were 2 to 3 times higher than the crypto exchange market trade volumes. According to the data presented by TABB, the capital market research firm, the Bitcoin trade volumes in crypto exchange markets were close to $4 billion per day. This means the OTC crypto market trade volumes were somewhere between $8 billion and $12 billion.

Over the last 2 years, the trade volumes in both markets have increased multi-fold. According to the March 2020 data, Bitcoin worth over $20 billion is being traded in the OTC markets every…

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Stablecoin Development

Bitcoin and other crypto-assets have been in limelight for the past few years. However, due to the high volatility of the crypto market, entrepreneurs and organizations are not able to use Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a mode of value transfer. This is where stablecoins play a pivotal role. They open the advantages of crypto assets to end-users without exposing them to high price volatility.

Characteristics of a stablecoin

  • Stablecoins are backed by a physical asset or a fiat currency
  • The owner of the stablecoins owns the direct equivalent of the asset or fiat
  • Strong, stable, and politically neutral
  • No loss of token value…
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Want to create a crypto wallet where your users have complete control over their funds? Look no further! Start developing your own DeFi wallet today!

What is a DeFi Wallet?

A DeFi wallet is a secure crypto wallet that allows users to store their digital assets with no reliance on a third-party to hold their assets. Defi wallet development includes creating powerful digital wallets to help improve the entire Decentralized Finance ecosystem both in terms of transactional safety and efficiency. …

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Lately, neobanking has become a buzzword in the FinTech industry; the term has gained rapid momentum. But do we know what it’s all about?

What is Neobanking?

A neo bank is a kind of digital bank without any branches. Unlike a traditional bank, neobanks do not have a physical presence — they operate and serve online.

Neobanks are also known as FinTech firms as they provide both digital and mobile-first financial solutions payments and money transfers, money lending, and more. This is the reason why most of the businesses are showing interest in crypto-friendly neobank solutions.

Neobanks do not have…

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A Decentralized Exchange (DEX) is a crypto exchange that allows buyers/sellers to find each other and trade their crypto assets without the intervention of a middle man. Thus, unlike a centralized exchange, the DEX users do not need to hand over the custody of their assets. As a result, the custody risk to traders’ assets is minimized.

The four core elements of a decentralized exchange development are:

  • Concept Implementation
  • Counterparty discovery
  • Order matching Algorithm
  • Transaction settlement protocol

1. Concept Implementation

A decentralized exchange holds no power over users’ funds and the users conduct direct trades on it. However, to overcome…

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Decentralized Finance (DeFi), the new age finance claims to be exceptionally better than the age-old traditional finance. The existing traditional borrowing and lending process is pretty much centralized. As a result, it is exposed to issues like third-party involvement, insider jobs, thefts, and hacks. DeFi protocols, on the other hand, offer complete transparency in the process of borrowing and lending. Moreover, it involves no third-party and facilitates a straightforward borrowing and lending process. As the DeFi protocols are backed by blockchain, immutability is guaranteed.

How does DeFi Lending and Borrowing software work?

At the core of a DeFi lending and…

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Digital Asset Banking Solution

A digital asset banking solution is one of the best ways to ensure high security while eliminating fraud, lowering operational risks, and reducing administrative costs. Banks are gradually understanding the benefits of blockchain technology and a large number of business owners have already invested in the crypto banking platform development solution.

How does a digital asset banking solution improve the user experience?

1) Quick transactions

Assets in the blockchain network move by ledger entities which makes transactions almost instant. Verification and processing of bank transfers may take several days, but the integration of blockchain in the banking platform can speed…

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Crypto has been making its presence felt for more than a while now. It all started with the release of Bitcoin with the transactions taking place on a blockchain. Of course, no innovation comes alone, and this case was no exception.

New crypto coins were developed and called altcoins. Then came Ethereum that brought the term token into the picture. These crypto coins have the same goal — to replace fiat currency.

New crypto exchanges were established to allow users to trade the coins and tokens with other users. The crypto market runs similar to the stock market though it…

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You steal the limelight and you steal the market share. Against the industry predictions earlier last year, DeFi grew like gangbusters and reignited the lost glory of crypto finance. Today, the market has propelled by 20x which in itself is a rare milestone. Trade experts who had written off the possibility of a parallel currency are now foreseeing 2021 as another landmark year.

Here’s a quick run-through of the top trends that’ll further elevate the acceptance of DeFi in the consumer markets –

Trends #1

The rise of Proof-of-Staking (PoS) as a consensus mechanism

Proof-of-Work (PoW) is basically a consensus algorithm used…

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Margin trading is a renowned practice in the traditional stock market. It is a trading method where the investor borrows money from a broker to trade a financial asset at a higher risk and earns higher returns. Of course, if the market trend goes the other way, the investor will end up losing the money.

If you are planning to venture into the crypto exchange business then including margin trading services will add value to the platform thereby attracting more users. But crypto is a complex space and requires a strong foundation to enable different trading functions on the platform.


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